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Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Are Household Leaks Costing You Money?
Does your water bill keep going up?  Are you unsure why?  At the Columbus Water Works, we want to heSample Water Billlp you to determine if you have a small leak at your home that may be costing you a lot of money.  Little things like a drippy water faucet can have a big impact on your water bill. If a faucet is dripping water 24 hours a day and can add up to a lot of money.  Click here to calculate how much water your drippy faucet is really wasting.

It is important to understand how much water your family uses under normal circumstances.  By knowing your normal usage pattern, it can help you identify if there is something unusual.  All the information you need to learn more about your water use is right on your water bill.  On the lower left hand side of your bill, you will see the consumption amount.  On this chart you will also see the previous amount used.  To get a more complete picture of your water use, you can either look at your previous bills, or call our customer service department at 706-649-3400 for a more complete usage history.

If your water consumption is increasing drastically, chances are there is a leak.  To determine if you have a leak, make sure your appliances that use water are turned off and the faucets are off.  Then look at the water meter. If the dial on your water meter is still moving, then there is a leak.  For some do it yourself leak detection options, please click here.

If you have discovered a leak, Columbus Water Works would like to help.  After you have the leak repaired, bring in the receipt (i.e. plumber invoice) and a customer service representative will be happy to review your account and provide a leak credit.  This credit can only be used once within a 12 month period.  For more information about what you will need to receive an adjustment: click here.
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