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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
Back to School During COVID-19
As our teachers, parents and students prepare for the start of the 2020/2021 school year, we understand that the risks associated with COVID-19 are making things more stressful and challenging.  Some schools are returning virtually, some in person and others are providing parents a choice between virtual and in-person.  In an effort to help families with this transition, we have collected a few tips to start the year off right. 
  • Set up a designated area for schoolwork. Having an area that is just for learning can help minimize distractions and let kids really focus on the work that needs to be done. Make sure this area is quiet and there is maximum privacy. Try and allow space for a desk or a table that your child can work on. This area can also be fun with pillows or beanbags to sit on and books your child can read when finished with their work.
  • Create a schedule with plenty of breaks built into the schedule. Having consistent breaks lets your child reset their mind and relax. This will help with their focus and productivity and make it not as hard on the parents too.
  • Create a calendar. Making a weekly calendar with the subjects and assignments that need to be done by a certain time will help you and your child stay on track. Virtual learning can be extremely stressful for the child and the parent because everyone is trying to do as much as they can at once. Talk with your child’s teacher and see if they can help you set up a weekly calendar or share their weekly calendar with you to keep up with lessons and assignment due dates easier. 
  • Get everyone on their feet. Going outside and having a scheduled playtime is essential for your child’s health. Exerting energy outside and having fun in the sun can help kids relieve stress and feel less cooped up from staying at home all day. Exercise is also really important to get the blood flow going and keep the mind at its top performance.
  • Take charge of TV time. Watching a lot of television can become a bad habit. Do your best to limit the time the amount of time you allow your child to watch TV. When you do allow them to watch it, try and make it a family affair. If it’s a family affair, then it will be easier for you to monitor the time and what your child is watching.
  • Get everyone to bed on time. Sleep schedules can get messed up during the summer. Enough rest is essential for healthy minds and healthy bodies. Help your kids get back on track for a productive school year by setting an earlier bed time and earlier wake-up time around a week before school starts.
If you have decided to have your child attend school, please take all the necessary precautions.   
  • Make sure your child knows why they need to wear a mask and that they are comfortable with wearing it all day.
  • Try and have a clean, zip-locked backup mask in your child’s backpack in case the one they are using gets ruined during the day.
  • Have a travel-sized hand sanitizer attached to your child’s backpack for them to use throughout the day.
  • Make sure to talk to them about staying 6 feet apart from their friends and their teachers for their safety.

Going back to school can be hard for both parents and children. Hopefully you found these tips helpful. If you would like more tips on transitioning into the school year during this hard time, please check out the links below: 

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