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Friday, April 25, 2014
Columbus, Georgia and Its “Magic Water”

Did you know that Columbus’ tap water is magic?  According to a sign, proudly posted at the 4th Avenue Car Wash inCar Wash Columbus Georgia it is.  A sign like this needed to be investigated. 

So, we asked the owner if their “Magic Water” is Columbus’ tap water, he chuckled and said yes.  Then we learned the great story behind this magic tap water!

A friend of the owner’s son, couldn’t understand why no matter how many times or how he washed his car at home, he could never get the car to shine as good as it does when he takes it to 4th Avenue Car Wash.  The owner then replied “We have Magic Water!”
Indeed the tap water in Columbus is Magic!  We believe, do you?

For information about the “Best Tasting Tap Water”: click here

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