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Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Securely Managing Muscogee County's Water and Wastewater Resources
A primary goSecurity Signal of the Columbus Water Works (CWW) is to provide safe drinking water with adequate volume and pressure for domestic, commercial and industrial use, as well as fire protection.  As CWW works to meet these goals, we must also prepare for emergencies.  To be prepared, CWW has developed an Emergency Response Plan to avoid impacts to public health caused by an emergency.  This plan also addresses re-establishing service following an emergency and minimizing damage to our facilities and infrastructure. This plan includes policies and procedures to manage emergency and natural disaster operations, as well as outlining the necessary preparations to execute these procedures.

The Columbus Water Works has primary responsibility for all response efforts dealing with water purification, distribution, wastewater collection and treatment for the Columbus and Fort Benning water and wastewater systems.  If a water resource emergency occurs, CWW will provide necessary resources to protect public hea
lth, minimize injury, and damage to property.
 Security System
CWW is not alone during emergencies; we have a network of resources to assist in the event of an emergency including:
        • local, state and federal governments
        • local businesses 
        • neighboring communities and businesses

CWW frequently trains with first responders as well as strives to maintain partnerships with local and regional committees and associations such as the Columbus Police Department, Columbus Fire Department, Fort Benning Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Working Group and several other experts on emergency response and security.  Through these partnerships, CWW stays ahead of regulations and technological advances.  CWW also has many state of the art security features throughout the facilities to ensure a safe and secure drinking water supply for the community.

TrainingIn addition to developing strong relationships and sustaining top security measures, CWW conducts vulnerability assessments and emergency training on a routine basis to help prepare for a variety of disasters. 

Remember to always be alert and report any suspicious activity to the proper authorities.

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