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Monday, May 07, 2018
Water Professional Appreciation Day
The first Monday in May is Water Professionals Appreciation Day in Georgia. In 2015, Governor Deal along with other government officials approved this bill and signed it into law. This day is designated to recognize water professionals of all levels, from lab analysts to operators, engineers to consultants, and others.

Safe and reliable drinking water is essential to a community's health. It directly impacts public health, fire protection, medical services, industry, agriculture, and more. The water professionals at Columbus Water Works have dedicated their careers to ensure that you have access to high-quality drinking water every time you turn on your tap. At the Columbus Water Works, we are proud to serve the residents of our community. We operate around the clock to provide our customers with clean drinking water and reliable services. We take pride in our work and our role in supporting our local economy.

In addition to our commitment to providing you with clean, safe drinking water, we also dispose of wastewater. Proper wastewater disposal includes safe and efficient collection and thorough wastewater treatment. Once treated, we can safely return this water to the river. By returning cleaned wastewater to the river, it helps to sustain this water resource for other communities downstream from Columbus, Georgia.

Thank you for trusting us to supply your drinking water!

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