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Wednesday, September 04, 2013
What's your water worth?
"When the well's dry, we know the value of water"water well
                                ~ Benjamin Franklin

Every day, millions of people turn on their faucets, but give little thought to the water that streams out. We drink it, bathe in it, swim in it, and cook with it. Have you thought about how much water is required to produce the things used in your daily life? Almost every manufacturing process from clothes to cars to food to computers all depend on water. 

Did you know...

water use chart
Many people believe that bottled water is a better choice than tap water, but did you know that nearly every element of the public water treatment and delivery processes are regulated by the state and federal governments to ensure a safe quality of drinking water?  These same standards are not required for bottled water. 

Why spend more than you need to on necessities like water?  Let's compare the costs...

                                What can you get for $1.50?

tap water

Where would we be without tap water...

  • How would we rinse our produce, clean dishes and clothes, water plants and landscapes or wash our cars?
  • Where would we shower?
  • How would we brush our teeth?
  • How would we flush the toilets?
  • How many businesses would have to suspend operations or relocate entirely?
  • How would our institutions - from hospitals to firehouses to schools - function?
You simply cannot put a price on a service that delivers public health, fire protection, economic development and quality of life.

Check out the news story by WTVM's Chandi Lowry, as she compares the value of bottled water and Columbus' tap water.

For more information on the quality of Columbus Water Works' tap water or the quality of your drinking water, please visit www.cwwga.org .        
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