Strategy Team #5 – Develop a Sustainable Workforce

CWW has implemented policies and procedures which encourage managers to promote our qualified and loyal employees into higher position vacancies.  We believe internal staffing is the most efficient and effective way to fill vacant positions, and doing so sends a positive message to our workforce about the possibility of upward mobility and advancement.  We invest in our employees and strive to provide them with proper training, positive mentoring and quality educational opportunities. The desired end state is the movement of our team members into more challenging, long-term and personally-rewarding careers. 

Members of Strategy Team 5 work with department managers and the Employee Services Department to develop solutions to create stability in CWW’s workforce through implementation of  training programs for leadership development, by monitoring employee turnover rate, tracking of employee training hours, management of employee benefit costs, and exploring  avenues to improve our wellness initiatives and safety programs.  In each of these areas, we track and report on our progress on a monthly basis and compare our success against industry standards.