Environmental Compliance

When it comes to protecting the environment, Columbus Water Works has been leading the way in the community for decades. In the 1960’s, Columbus constructed one of the first wastewater treatment plants in Georgia to ensure protection of the area’s precious water resources. When combined sewer overflows created concerns in the late ‘80’s, CWW invested in the necessary technology to capture and treat this potential polluter.

Nationally recognized for its biosolids management program, CWW is leading the way for other utilities across the country to follow. Its innovative idea to convert a former landfill into an environmental learning center demonstrated CWW’s commitment to educating not only current but future generations about the critical issues surrounding environmental protection.

As a provider of water and wastewater services, CWW believes it is important that we look at our watershed as a whole and work to preserve it. Actively participating in leadership roles with regional initiatives, CWW is working to ensure a legacy of maintaining the delicate balance of withdrawing and returning water to the Chattahoochee River.

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