Information Technology

The CWW Information Services Department is responsible for installing and maintaining computer applications and network services throughout CWW. We work closely with Strategy Team 3, Leveraging Information Technology, to align what we do with the objectives of CWW. Our mission focuses on the Five A’s:

The vision of Columbus Water Works Information Technology is to serve our customers and users in a superb fashion by providing practical, cost-effective solutions and support to deliver information Anytime, Anywhere, to Anyone in the Amount required at the Accuracy level needed and expected, where
  1. Anytime involves easy access and minimal downtime,
  2. Anywhere includes work, home, and travel,
  3. Anyone includes internal staff and external customers,
  4. Amount must be appropriate and secure, and
  5. Accuracy involves information that is reliable and trustworthy.
Staff & Services

The Information Services Department has a staff of 6 people dedicated to end user desktop support, the implementation and support of applications, network services, server administration, and telecommunication services. The staff focuses on the following activities:

End User Desktop Support
The IS staff maintains and provides helpdesk support for approximately 200 desktops and laptops. Our staff responds to end user requests and performs repairs, updates, and deployments of software for all end user computers.

Implementation and Maintenance of Applications
CWW has 46 applications running across the multiple work disciplines, 19 of which are major enterprise level applications. The IS staff is responsible for initial implementation, on going maintenance, and upgrades for these systems.

Server Maintenance and Support
CWW has 33 servers that house the enterprise applications. The IS Staff performs hardware maintenance, administration, and back up of all servers.

Network Services
CWW has a benchmark of maintaining 99.9% up time on the data network. The IS staff meets this requirement and manages the network connectivity between 7 CWW facilities located within Columbus and Fort Benning.

Telecommunications Services
The IS staff is responsible for the telephone communications including voice mail, call center tracking system, and call accounting.

Application Administration
The administration of applications is distributed to some degree at CWW among the various departments. The IS staff performs administration for several enterprise applications including the Customer Information System, Enterprise Reporting System, Document Control System, Financial Information System, Computerized Managed Maintenance System and Email System.