CWW Strategic Planning  

   Strategies are our roadmap
Strategic Planning MapOur Strategic Plan is a road map composed of action items that produce improvements and develop “best practices” in the way we do business and conduct our operations.  These action items result in continuous improvements in financial and operational efficiencies, organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.  Our Strategic Plan has six strategies,18 goals and 50 objectives, which are supported by activities and responsibilities that are linked to performance benchmarks.

SP 13-17 Booklet

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Five Year Strategic Plan FY 2013-2017 brochure.

Each strategy is implemented and managed by six individual, organized teams, made up of diverse groups of CWW employees.  The composition of the teams reflect an equitable distribution of organizational skills and resources.

The Teams which support our six strategies are: 

1) Enhance Customer Satisfaction

2) Strengthen Regional Partnerships

3) Leverage Information Technology

4) Optimize Infrastructure Performance

5) Develop Sustainable Workforce 

6) Maintain Financial Stability

These teams identify the actions, roles, responsibilities and performance benchmarks which support the strategic plan.  The tactical activities of each team are coordinated under the guidance of a Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader.  The Strategy Team Leaders direct their team’s activities to identify required resources needed to implement their recommended programs.  Under the leadership of Strategic Planning, the Team Leader is responsible for ensuring the mission of the team is effectively accomplished and ensuring timely communication of the team’s progress to senior management. 

The teams’ planning processes involves initially identifying Fiscal Year Performance Work Plans  which are strategic projects designed to create specific operational efficiencies and support the CWW mission, goals and values.  In developing a strategic approach, strategy teams will conduct a research of water and wastewater industry best practices and benchmarking, as well as coordinate with operational departments to develop a plan to accomplish and implement the documented project.  By coordinating operational efforts, the team ensures there is an alignment of resources to support the identified objectives and then creates a credible framework to track performance results.  Senior management provides general guidance and direct support in the implementation of the strategic initiatives and ultimately ensures these initiatives are fully integrated into CWW’s departmental responsibilities.  This process results in the acceptance and deployment of successful and effective management improvements throughout the organization. 

By utilizing teams comprised of a cross-section of employees, we have moved the implementation of our strategic initiatives to the front-line. The teams are afforded autonomy and empowerment to develop action plans and activities that will lead to a better organization.  The Department of Strategic Planning hosts and facilitates regularly scheduled meetings whereby selected members of the strategy teams report on the status of the teams’ activities to senior management.  These sessions create a platform for the teams to interact with the CWW leadership to seek guidance, obtain approval for implementation of new projects, and receive feedback and updates on organizational activities. Says CWW President Steve Davis, "CWW 's approach to strategic planning creates and instills a culture of inquisitive employees who ask the right questions and lead the organization to produce the right answers in a continuing effort to better serve our customers."

The overall responsibility for the Department of Strategic Planning is developing and disseminating company-wide strategic communications, coordinating strategic training for team members, collecting departmental data for monthly reporting of organizational benchmarks and providing leadership oversight, direction, input and feedback for each team’s planned activities from a tactical perspective.

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Performance Measurements

For FY 2015-2016, the strategy teams and operational departments have established 30 benchmarks. These benchmarks are our targets or assessments that help determine our performance as compared to other companies in the water and wastewater industry, as well as other similar-sized organizations in our region.  Benchmark results are collected and distributed monthly to all CWW employees, reporting which benchmarks were met and which ones were not.

Columbus Water Works’ Strategic Plan guides our organization in:
  • Providing first-rate customer service
  • Opportunities for regional expansion
  • Implementation and use of up-to-date technology
  • An uninterrupted flow of clean, great tasting water
  • A knowledgeable, competent, and customer-focused workforce
  • Long term financial stability and fiscal responsibility
These activities help us to achieve our vision to be an outstanding provider of utility services, dedicated to protecting the environment, aspiring to new opportunities and compelled to excel in service to our community.  CWW uses strategic planning as a means to capture our organization’s true potential and take advantage of opportunities for significant changes.