Strategy Team #2 – Strengthen Regional Partnerships

One way to strengthen our regional partnerships and add more value to the Columbus community is by reaching out to our neighboring counties.  While such a robust strategy can take years to develop, one step in that direction is up to each employee.  As a member of the CWW family, each employee represents the company as a reliable and trusted water provider.  Whenever  CWW team members interact with a customer, they  promote goodwill with the general public which creates community relationships and may lead to future partnerships and regional opportunities. This strategic initiative is supported by CWW’s positive and proactive relationship with the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the Valley Partnership Initiative, the United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley, Fort Benning, Harris County, and many other community and civic organizations.

In addition to strategically preparing to respond to opportunities to expand our regional water service, CWW wants to be recognized as a trusted source on water issues.  CWW is actively involved in numerous state, regional and national industry organizations and our team members are often solicited to provide local and industry presentations on our “best practices” in areas of operational innovation, technology, asset management, workforce initiatives and strategic planning. 

As an organization, we encourage and support our employees in their efforts to become more knowledgeable about all of CWW’s operations and become more involved in community organizations and activities.  The information that each team member learns and shares about their job and our operations serves to validate CWW as a trusted source on water issues.