Combined Sewer Overflow CSO Charge

The charge for Combined Sewer Overflow(CSO), which appears on the monthly water bill, is for the operation and maintenance of the Uptown Park and South Commons treatment facilities. For more information about these facilities, click here

This charge is only applied to customer accounts for which sewer service is provided by Columbus Water Works. The charge is fixed based on the amount of water used, with minimum water users (anything less than 5 CCF) having no charge.

Combined Sewer Overflow Charge (CSO) Per Account

CCF        Charge
0 CCF - 4 CFF$0.00
5 CCF - 15 CFF$3.92
16 CCF - 204 CFF$7.86
205 CCF - 1004 CCF$78.50
Over 1004 CCF$224.32

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