The charge for sanitary sewer service (wastewater) which appears on the monthly water bill is based on the actual cost to CWW to collect and treat wastewater from your home or business. This cost is applied to 100% of the metered water consumption, with the exception of single family dwelling residential accounts, where the rate is not applied to anything greater than 15 CCF monthly. Separate lawn sprinkler meter usage is excluded from the wastewater fee, since this water is applied to the ground and does not go from the pipes in your home or business into the wastewater collection for treatment.

Monthly Service Charge (per account)
Residential and Non-residential: $5.15

Wastewater Volume Charge (per CCF)

Residential and Non-residential
1 CCF-15 CCF: $3.42
Over 15 CCF:   $2.77

Note: Single family dwelling residential sewer charge is capped at 15 CCF.

Example Wastewater Rate Calculation for a residential user (based on usage of 16 CCF* (12,000 gallons) per month)

Sewer Monthly Charge:            $ 5.15
First 15 CCF (15 CCF x $3.42):  $51.30
Total (Residential Cap):             $56.45

Non-residential accounts continue with
Next 1 CCF (1CCF x $2.77):   $  2.77
Total Sewer Charge:              $59.22

*CCF=100 cubic feet; to convert into gallons, multiply by 748

Industrial Wastewater Charge
Industries that are issued a permit to discharge into the CWW sewer systems are assessed an additional industrial waste volume charge as follows:

Industrial Waste Volume Charge
$0.20 Per CCF

All industries are subject to the following charges for excessive pollutant discharges to the sewer system.

Industrial Pollutant Surcharge
(per pound)
BOD:                                     $0.10
Total Suspended Solids:    $0.10
Oil and Grease:                   $0.10

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