Board of Water Commissioners

The Columbus Board of Water Commissioners was established by state law in 1903. When the City of Columbus and Muscogee County consolidated in 1971, the Board was brought into the consolidated government's charter. Columbus Water Works is an executive department of the consolidated government, with authority to establish policies and provide services. CWW is funded through fees received from its rate payers and does not receive property tax dollars.


The Board is made up of five members, with the mayor of Columbus serving as an ex-officio member and the remaining four seats appointed by the Columbus City Council (two from districts, two at-large). Commissioners are appointed for four years and can serve for up to two terms. The terms run through the end of the calendar year and are staggered so that only one new Commissioner is appointed at a time.

The Columbus Board of Water Commissioners:
  • Mr. Reynolds Bickerstaff, Chair
  • Mr. Sanders Griffith, Vice Chair
  • Mrs. Becky Rumer
  • Mr. Rodney Close
  • Honorable Mayor Skip Henderson
The Board typically meets on the second Monday of each month at 1:30 p.m.  Click here for meeting dates. 

If you would like to view Board Meeting documents, please click here.