Executive Staff

Steven R. DavisPresident 
Steven R. Davis was appointed Columbus Water Works President on April 18, 2012 by the Columbus Board of Water Commissioners. [More]
Billy C. Cobb Jr.Executive Vice President
Billy Cobb has been with Columbus Water Works since 1992, where he started as a Project Engineer. [More]
John T. PeeblesSenior Vice President
Division of Water Resource Operations and Maintenance
John came to Columbus Water Works in May of 2006 as Construction Coordinator in Engineering responsible for Capital Improvement Projects. [More]
GwenDolyn H. Ruff, SPHRSenior Vice President
Division of Corporate Relations and Customer Service
GwenDolyn H. Ruff, SPHR, serves as the SVP, Employee Services and Corporate Relations for Columbus Water Works, Columbus, Georgia.  [More]
Alexandra D. HintonSenior Vice President
Division of Financial Services

Alex Hinton joined Columbus Water Works in August 2019 and serves as Senior Vice President of Financial Services and Chief Financial Officer.  [More]
Gard Victor Senior Vice President
Division of Information, Security, Environmental and Meter Services
Vic Burchfield started at the Columbus Water Works in 1986 as a chemist where he managed the Industrial Pretreatment Lab. [More]