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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Let's Talk Trash and How You and I Can Help

Protecting water quality starts with each of us!RiverWalk

When we use our toilets, showers, washing machines, garbage disposals or dishwashers, wastewater leaves our home through pipes that connect to the Columbus Water Works sewer system.

Putting the wrong things down the drain can damage our sewer system, cause sewer backups in our homes, and sewer releases to the environment.  We all need to take responsibility for our sewer system for what we flush or pour down the drains.  Every property owner connected to the sewer system can be a potential contributor to sewer problems and be impacted by them.

Trash and Wipes

Many household cleaning products are labels and marketed as “disposable” but do not break down in the city sewer system and should not be flushed down the toilet.  Some items include:Dont Flush

  •  mop refills
  •  disinfecting wipes
  •  baby wipes
  •  paper towels                                                 
  •  towelettes
  •  rags
  •  dental floss
  •  baby diapers


 These products don’t dissolve.  They clog pipes and cause expensive and time consuming repairs for us the homeowners.  We need to save ourselves and our wastewater utility from a pain in the drain – put wipes, rags and towels in the trash, not the toilet!

Did You Know?



Columbus Water Works pulls 440 to 550 gallons of wipes out of two of their pump stations each month from wipe clogs.


 Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)Clogged Pipe

Grease sticks to household and sewage pipes, as well as trash.  Over time, grease build-up will block the entire pipe and result in raw sewage backing up into our homes or overflowing into the street or waterway.  Running hot water down the sink simultaneously with the frying oil does not keep no FOGit from solidifying in the pipes.  It’s already cold by the time it hits the larger system and can plug pipes completely. We should never pour grease in our sink drain or toilet.  Use the garbage disposal sparingly.  Instead compost vegetable food waste and save gallons of water every time.  We need to pour our grease and oil into a can and put it in the trash or better yet, save it and bring to one of Columbus Water Works’ recycling events.

 Unused MedicationsNo Meds

When we don’t properly dispose of our medications, they make their way into the drinking water.   We do not need to flush unused medicines or pour them down the drain or toilet.  Instead, we should throw our medications into the trash.  Medications are incinerated or buried in landfills.  Better yet, use drug take-back programs. Drop off unused medications at specified locations in our community. Drug take-back programs are organized by state and local governments and also by private institutions, including pharmacy chains.  We can also bring our unused medicines to one of Columbus Water Works’ recycling events.

Columbus Water Works' next Grease and Pharmaceutical Recycling Event is January 11, 2014.  For more information, please call (706)649-3454.

Flush What

 Helpful hint:   Print out the “You Flushed What?” flyer and post it in your bathroom or kitchen to remind yourself what needs to be thrown away!

View a printable version of this flyer. (PDF)

Friday, August 09, 2013

Thank You Logo

Columbus Water Works would like to say THANK YOU to all those who came out and supported the Grease and Pharmaceutical Recycling Event on Saturday, August 3, 2013.  The response from the public was outstanding! Those who participated demonstrated the willingness and personal effort to do your part in helping us protect the environment, Columbus Water Works Sewage Collection System, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and especially the waters of the Chattahoochee River.

Thank you to the Muscogee County Sheriff Department for their involvement collecting a “stash” of unused, unwanted and expired medicine from the community and the surrounding area. Thank you to Wal-mart on Airport Thruway and K-Mart on Macon Road for allowing us to utilize your property for the recycling event.

We are Proud Partners with Keep Columbus Beautiful and would like to thank them for their support of our basic mission which is to protect the environment.  

We all can be environmental stewards by supporting programs such as these to keep pollutants out of the sanitary sewer system and, in turn, out of our natural environment.

Pharm 1Pharm 2

  Look for information on our next recycling event scheduled for January 11, 2014


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

CWWorks for youColumbus Water Works takes pride in providing quality services to the communities of Columbus, Fort Benning, Harris County and Talbot County.  From certified operator services to utility management and engineering, we strive to leverage our knowledge, expertise and equipment to the benefit of all of our customers.  We are on call 24/7, respond to customers’ needs as quickly as possible, and continue to improve our service by investing in training, state of the art equipment and effective business operations.  Our mission is to provide our community a safe and dependable drinking water supply, enhance our water resources by collecting and treating wastewater, and promote a legacy of responsible economic and environmental stewardship.  We have a genuine concern for each household and business.  If you are already one of our customers, we thank you for your trust.  If you are a new customer, we look forward to earning your trust in water and sewer services.


This Blog is the framework of an entire customer oriented vision which we have been pursuing. We will be providing blog posts to update customers about current topics and provide useful water topics.

We look forward to the blog being another avenue to interact with our customers on various subjects and areas of interest.  We hope that you find it useful and informative.  For inquires about service, please call a Customer Representative at (706) 649-3400.  We are striving toward exceptional customer service and then some…

Steve Davis, President

Columbus Water Works

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