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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Rain BarrelAs water conservation continues to gain momentum across the Nation, communities are becoming more creative in the programs and activities they develop.  The Columbus Water Works has been exploring ways we can help homeowners conserve water and protect the watershed. Through this research the idea of rainwater harvesting for the purposes of garden irrigation caught our eye.  This concept is simple; in fact many homeowners are already practicing rainwater harvesting to supplement their outdoor watering needs.

The idea behind rainwater harvesting is to collect rainwater runoff from your home by connecting a water collection system or barrel to the down spout of your gutters.  These rainwater systems can range from being a simple barrel to a multi-barrel system with complex filtering processes.  If a family uses the water for garden or flower bed irrigation, there is no need for a complex filtering system.  These barrels or systems also have a spigot to connect a hose or fill watering cans.  When set up properly, the system will provide enough water pressure for simple garden or flower bed irrigation, as long as there is a sufficient water level maintained.

Some may be asking how this process really saves or conserves water since you’re using water either way.  In principle, water is still being used; however, the water that is being used is from a different source, which has a different impact.  Harvested rainwater simply delays the use of water that nature would be using in that same area.  When using water from a traditional irrigation system, you are using water that is pulled from your drinking water source, in our case the Chattahoochee River.  This water is not being returned to the river for others to use further downstream.

Can I use rainwater for other purposes? Rainwater can be used for other purposes, if treated and filtered properly.  It is very important to understand that the water collected in the standard rain barrel should not be used for drinking water since it may contain some particles from your roof or even grow algae in the barrel.  Drinking water needs to be tested and properly treated to ensure that it is safe for you and your family. For these reasons, the Columbus Water Works does not recommend using rainwater for drinking purposes.

If you are interested in building your own Rainwater Barrel, Columbus Water Works, Oxbow Meadows, and Habitat for Humanity will be hosting a Rain Barrel Workshop on May 3, 2014 at Oxbow Meadows.  During this event, the participants will build their own rain barrel!  Everyone will leave with a fully assembled rain barrel and instructions to set it up at their home.

For information on the workshop and how to register, please click here.
Friday, April 25, 2014

Did you know that Columbus’ tap water is magic?  According to a sign, proudly posted at the 4th Avenue Car Wash inCar Wash Columbus Georgia it is.  A sign like this needed to be investigated. 

So, we asked the owner if their “Magic Water” is Columbus’ tap water, he chuckled and said yes.  Then we learned the great story behind this magic tap water!

A friend of the owner’s son, couldn’t understand why no matter how many times or how he washed his car at home, he could never get the car to shine as good as it does when he takes it to 4th Avenue Car Wash.  The owner then replied “We have Magic Water!”
Indeed the tap water in Columbus is Magic!  We believe, do you?

For information about the “Best Tasting Tap Water”: click here

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Eli Drinking Water
Columbus’ tap water is getting a lot of recognition these days!  Just last week, the Georgia Association of Water Professionals voted Columbus Water Works’ tap water the “Best Tasting Tap Water in the Region”.  At the Columbus Water Works, we know our families deserve the best!  Since water is used for nearly everything, this means that it starts with the best quality, best tasting water around. 

Community Watch!  In June, we will be sending out the 2013 Water Quality Report.  This report provides more specific information about the high quality of your water and the importance of having the best quality water available.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014
Fix-a-Leak Week 2014 Flyer
Columbus Water Works thanks you for coming out to our annual Fix a Leak Week event on March 20, 2014.  We had a good turnout and enjoyed talking with each of you.  For others who were unable to attend the event, there were speakers from Columbus Water Works presenting the following topics:

  • Fats, Oils, and Grease Recycling Program
  • Chasing Leaks: Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing and Steps to Take After They Freeze
  • What Not to Flush Down Your Drains
Each of these presentations is designed to prevent leaks and clogs from happening in the water and wastewater system, ultimately preserving and protecting our natural resources.  In addition to the formal presentations, customers were able to discuss concerns or questions they may have with various departments.  They were also able to talk with Alexander Plumbing Company and/or Ft. Benning Environmental Management System for tips on water conservation, leak detection, and WaterSense labeled products.

For more information on the importance of protecting the environment and things you can do to make a difference, please click here.

Or for more details on the WaterSense Program, please visit: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/

Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

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