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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

title treatmentThe Columbus Water Works, as part of the overall meter change-out program, has been replacing water meters with upgraded technology allowing for meters to be read remotely.  By replacing these meters and converting our meter reading and billing processes to a monthly cycle, it will allow customers to access current water usage information, discover water leaks sooner and many more future billing capabilities.  Among these future upgrades are budget billing and electronic billing.  Converting our meter reading to monthly reading is just a first step to being able to offer more state of the art capabilities.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is a better way to manage your water usage. In the past, your meter was read manually every two months and the usage was split over the following two months of billing. With AMR, your meter will be read monthly and you’ll be billed for the previous 30 days – just like your power or gas bill.  On your April or May bill, you’ll have a higher bill as you ‘catch up’ on your billing. Remember, your meter used to be read every two months and the usage was split over the following two months billing, so you are catching up to a 30-day cycle.  The amount of this ‘catch-up’ will vary by customer since it is based solely on each customers individual water consumption.  The average CWW customer will see a one-time increase of +/- $30.00 on their April or May bill.  For more information on this program, please visit: www.cwwga.org and click on the Automated Meter Reading, Metering Your Needs link.  If you still have questions or concerns about how this may affect you, please call customer service to speak with a representative at 706-649-3400.

Thank you for your patience as Columbus Water Works upgrades to improve what we do for you.

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