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Monday, June 22, 2020
independence dayThe Fourth of July is an important day in American history. Independence Day is a day to honor our ancestors’ courageous fight and the many men and women who continue to protect it. Their sacrifices allow us to be free.

All 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson to officially state independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. The adoption of the document is now known as the birth of the United States of America. In 1870, the U.S. Congress made July 4th a federal holiday for the celebration of the independence from Great Britain’s Rule. Over time, the political importance declined but the holiday is still an important day for patriotism and a day of remembrance of what our ancestors sacrificed for freedom.

Today, people celebrate with fireworks, parades, cookouts, dinners, and parties. While the political meaning may have died down with time, the celebration among family members and friends of our country and the great nation we have become will never die down.

Remember to be safe and have a great time celebrating our country!

If you would like to learn more information about Independence Day, click here.

Columbus Water Works would like to wish you a Happy Independence Day!

In recognition of Independence Day, Columbus Water Works will be closed on Friday, July 3, 2020. If you experience a water related emergency, please call 706-649-3400. Emergency crews will be available.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020
science for kidsScience is a fun and exciting way for kids to learn how things are made and how things react to each other. While kids may not be in school right now, that does not mean the learning has to stop. There are plenty of fun science experiments kids can do to learn more about the world at home! Below is a list of easy and fun experiments you can do with your kids to help them learn more about science!

  1. Making a volcano: A fun and messy way to see how household items interact with each other! Click here to see the materials needed and the directions for the experiment.
  2. Homemade Play Dough: Kids love play dough and now you can teach them how to make it at home! Click here to see the materials needed and directions for the experiment. 
  3. Marbled Gift Wrap: Art is a super fun way to express yourself, and teaching kids how to create their own design for gift wrap can increase their creativity and make gift giving extra special this year! Click here to see the materials needed and directions for the experiment. 
  4. Fun Fossil Stamps: Kids love dinosaurs and it is super fun and educational to show them how to make their own fossils. Click here to see the materials needed and directions for the experiment. 
  5. Make it Rain: Create the water cycle in a jar for kids to see first-hand! Click here to see the materials needed and directions for the experiment.

Learning through hands-on experiments can help curiosity and creativity develop in kids’ minds. Not only are these experiments educational, but they are fun too! Having fun while learning at home is extremely important and these experiments can be fun for the whole family! 

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Thursday, June 11, 2020
kids playingThe world may look a little different now but staying home more often does not mean you cannot have fun. Getting lost in technology can be extremely easy now with all of the available games and shows we have at our fingertips. Below is a list of ‘old school’ games that are fun for the whole family to play together and require little to no additional items.

  1. Red light, Green light: With this game, anyone can be the leader, and everyone can have fun! For rules and game directions, click here.
  2. Red rover: This game is sure to ignite countless laughs and fun memories! For rules and game directions, click here.
  3. Freeze tag: A group of people, 3 or more, is all you need to play this fun game! For rules and game directions, click here.
  4. Hopscotch: All you need is chalk and some rocks to have hours of fun! For rules and game directions, click here.
  5. Hide and Seek: This game calls counting, quietness, and lots of fun! For rules and game directions, click here.

While life may be changing to keep everyone safe, having fun at home does not have to change. Playing some of the games with close family members can create hours of free fun that can bring families closer together.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2020
cover option 3Quality drinking water is essential in nearly every aspect of life. As a part of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets many water quality regulations to ensure every community has access to clean drinking water.  In addition to regulating the water treatment process and the quality of distributed drinking water, every water provider must provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to every customer.

The CCR provides vital information about each community’s drinking water and is designed to give community members an understanding of their water quality. The information included in the CCR is the water source, possible contaminants, water quality test results for the previous calendar year, and educational health information. This year’s CCR report provides comprehensive testing data from 2019. The information inside the CCR will be provided in two different formats to help with comprehension of the technical information. 

We also decided to adjust the title of the report to reflect the year of publication, while including the testing dates in the subtitle of the report.  In the past, the year of the report was the year of the testing data, which allowed for some confusion when searching for the most current report.

Columbus Water Works (CWW) is mailing the annual CCR directly to all of our customers this week. We are pleased to inform you that your drinking water quality is excellent and that CWW is in compliance with all state and federal guidelines for drinking water.  We are committed to delivering high-quality drinking water. We remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of source water protection, water conservation, and community education while continuing to provide safe drinking water to everyone in the community.

When you receive your copy of the 2020 CCR, please take a few minutes to review the report and see how your drinking water measures up to the regulations. If you do not receive a copy or would like another copy, you may visit our main office, located at 1421 Veterans Parkway or click here to view a digital copy. 

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