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Monday, March 22, 2021
2021 World Water Day
Water is important to your home and family life, your livelihood, your cultural practices, your wellbeing, and your local environment. Unfortunately, today, water is under extreme threat from a growing population, increasing demands of agriculture and industry, and the worsening impacts of climate change. World Water Day was created by The United Nations General Assembly in 1993 to advocate the importance of sustainable management of freshwater resources.

World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness for the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. The goal of this campaign is to come together and actively tackle the global water crisis.

The theme of World Water Day 2021 is valuing water. Under the theme of valuing water, the 2021 campaign is generating a global, public conversation on social media about how people value water for all its uses. The goal is to create a more comprehensive understanding of how water is valued by different people in different contexts.

The 2021 campaign takes a look at five different perspectives regarding the value of water.

The five perspectives for World Water Day 2021 are:
  • Valuing water sources – natural water resources and ecosystems.
  • Valuing water infrastructure – storage, treatment and supply.
  • Valuing water services – drinking water, sanitation and health services.
  • Valuing water as an input to production and socio-economic activity – food and agriculture, energy and industry, business and employment.
  • Valuing socio-cultural aspects of water – recreational, cultural and spiritual attributes.
World Water Day is full of events and campaigns you can take part in. To see options available near you, or for more information about World Water Day, click here.

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