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Thursday, November 05, 2015
Digital Mapping and the Water Industry

Columbus Water Works maintains over 2,100 miles of water and sewer pipes throughout the county.  Maintaining underground infrastructure poses unique challenges for utilities such as locating, accessing and repairing assets.  For the past decade, CWW has used a geographic information system (GIS) to assist in tracking the spatial location of the assets such as pipes, hydrants, valves and manholes.  Think Google maps with water pipes!   Additionally, important information such as pipe diameter, material, and age is also being recorded. 

Over the years, our GIS system has become vital to the management of all our underground assets such as water lines, sewer pipes, pump stations, etc.  This technology is also essential to using our Hydraulic Modeling system, which assists in determining how modifications to our water delivery system will affect water pressure.

 moblie map

In 2014, CWW expanded this program by deploying a cloud based mobile application.  The new application provides easier access to the GIS information for employees who are out in the field.  Mobile devices such as iPhone and iPads are being used to view the GIS information.  Users have access to current GIS information and can also report location information back to Engineering, if needed.  This implementation was a huge step for CWW and will enable the GIS to be utilized in a more efficient way.

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