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Thursday, March 05, 2020
Plugging the Leaks 2020
Repairing water leaks is important to Columbus Water Works (CWW) and we value the community’s help with reporting leaks.

Customers are encouraged to check their plumbing and irrigation systems regularly to identify problems early and avoid an unexpected increase in their monthly billing. Even a small leak, such as a running toilet or a faulty irrigation sprinkler, can cause excessive and expensive water consumption. If you experience a leak on private property, eligible customers may contact our Customer Service department by phone at 706-649-3400 or by email at customerservice@cwwga.org for information about a possible adjustment on their account.

If you are experiencing a water leak inside your home, office building, or outside in the areas between the water meter and your home, please consult with a plumber since this is a leak on private property. If you don’t visually see a leak, you may notice a problem if your water bill is unusually high. In some cases, our meter maintenance personnel may detect a water leak while reading your meter. If a possible leak is detected, a door hanger will be left at your residence to notify you of a potential problem. For ways to find small, household leaks, visit us March 16-20 for Fix-A-Leak Week. For more information, click here.

When leaks are reported to us, we have a systematic process that we follow to ensure timely and proper repairs are made.

Once the report is received by our customer service staff, an onsite investigation will be scheduled for someone to check and verify the leak (typically done within one business day). If the leak is determined to be located between the meter box and the street or if the leak is in a public area, CWW is responsible for the repair. If it is determined the leak is on the customer side of the water meter, the property owner will be responsible for finding and repairing the water leak on their property. CWW will notify the property owner if the leak is their responsibility.

The onsite investigation is used to determine the severity of the leak. Leaks are classified into one of three categories for prioritizing and scheduling repairs based upon the severity and the impact the leak has on the system and customers.
  • Severity Level 1: emergency leaks: (typical repair time 1-2 days)
  • Severity Level 2: priority leaks (typical repair time of 5-7 days)
  • Severity Level 3: minor leaks: (typical 4-week repair time)

Emergency Leaks:emergency leaks
  • neighborhoods or businesses do not have water

  • property damage is occurring or has occurred

  • leak is deemed to be a hazard to the public

  • could cause major ice spots in the winter

  •       customers have no or reduced water pressure or water flow
Priority Leaks:
priority leaks
  • steady flow that causes attention, but is not causing any property damage

  • leak may appear to be large, due to the amount of water visible

  • leak is minor but could result in property damage if left unattended

  •       surrounding customers have low water pressure
Minor Leaks:
minor leaks
  •         not deemed hazardous to customers

  •         not damaging property

  •         leaking slowly

  •         leak is small

  •         leak is not causing any loss of water pressure to customers

Please keep this in mind and know that we have staff working 24/7 on all infrastructure problems throughout our entire 2,183-mile system of water and sewer pipes. Our staff consistently works to mark leaks (with either a flag or line locate identifications) that have been reported and are scheduled for repairs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on addressing water leaks, enhancing our response time, and ensuring clean, high-quality drinking water to your home or business.

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