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Thursday, March 04, 2021
What Is Your Water Really Worth?
Do you find yourself regularly spending money on bottled water each month because you feel it's a better choice than tap water?

If so, did you also know that bottled water is not regulated as strictly as tap water? 

Nearly every element of the public water treatment and delivery processes are regulated by the state and federal governments to ensure safe, quality drinking water for the community.

Why spend more on necessities, like water, that do not always guarantee the same high quality?

Let’s compare the cost shall we?

For $1.78 you can get one 20 oz bottle of water. For the same price, you could get 1,323 gallons of tap water.

Where would we be without tap water?

Every day, people turn on their faucets, with little thought to the water that flows out. We drink it, bathe in it, swim in it, and cook with it.

It's also required to produce all of the things used in your daily life such as clothes, food, electronics, and vehicles among other things.

Without it, life would look very different...
  • How would we clean fruits and veggies, dishes and clothes, water plants or wash cars?
  • How would we take a shower, wash our face or brush our teeth?
  • How would we flush our toilets?
It’s hard to beat the price on a service that delivers public health and quality of life.

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