Questions About Leaks

Q: What do I do if I see and/or want to report a leak in the street?
A: Please call CWW's Customer Service Department at 706-649-3400.
Q: How does CWW address water leaks?
A: Repairing water leaks is very important to Columbus Water Works (CWW) and we value the community’s help with reporting leaks.

Once the report is received by our customer service staff, an onsite investigation will be scheduled for someone to check and verify the leak.  (This is typically done within one Business day.) If the leak is determined to be located between the meter box and the street or if the leak is in a public area, CWW is responsible for the repair.  If it is determined the leak is on the customer side of the water meter, the property owner will be responsible for finding and repairing the water leak on their property. CWW will notify the property owner if the leak is their responsibility.

If you would like to read more about how we prioritize leaks that are CWW's responsibility, please read our blog post: Plugging the Leaks.
Q: If I have a leak on my side of the meter, can I get my bill adjusted?
A: Bring repair receipts to our Customer Service Department and an appropriate adjustment may be made to your bill. Repair bills must include the following: name of person/company who repaired the leak, phone number and address of repair person/ company, date of repair, location of repair and work performed to repair the leak.