Sewer FAQs

Q: How do I get water and sewer lines located prior to performing work?
A: Call utility protection center 72 hours before digging at 1-800-282-7411 or visit their website.
Q: Why is there a sewer tap fee, and what does it cover?
A: The tap fee covers the cost for the construction of the sewer tap.
Q: How can I find my sewer tap?
A: Contact the CWW Engineering Department at 706-649-3400.
Q: Can my plumber tie into my existing sewer line?
A: There are two ways of tying into an existing sewer. CWW can make the tap or a certified utility contractor can make the tap under the inspection of CWW.
Q: When do I have to use DIP (ductile iron pipe) on the sewer line?
A: When the line is deeper than 14 feet or less than 3 feet deep.
Q: Why do I need an engineer to design a water and sewer system?
A: It is required by CWW and per Georgia Environmental Protection Division delegated authority.
Q: Can you accept less than a 20-foot easement?
A: A 20 foot easement is standard for CWW but due to extenuating circumstances this may vary on a case by case basis.

Q: Will you share your easement with another utliity?
A: Water and sewer easements are dedicated easements that cannot contain other utilities.
Q: What clearance do you require on your water/sewer lines?
A: A 10 foot separation is required between water and sewer lines.