Questions About Your Meter

Meter Reading
Meter Reading

The water meter located at your home or business records the amount of water used every day. Residential meters and commercial meters are read every month to determine the amount of water used. Meters are located outside, and a reading is taken by a CWW meter reader either visually or electronically. The meter readers do not need to enter your home or business to obtain a water meter reading.

Check For Leaks

It's important to remember that you as the property owner are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water line from the meter to your house or business. The drinking water distribution system owned and operated by CWW consists of the pipes and other infrastructure (hydrants, valves, etc.) located in the public rights-of-way. Water lines and other water system fixtures located on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, unless an assesment has been obtained.

CWW's automated computer system does a check before each bill is sent out to determine if the amount of consumption reported is within the normal range for this location based on past usage. If the amount seems unusual, a re-reading of the meter may take place.

If your monthly bill has a noticeable increase in consumption for which you can't account, you should:

  1. Check your premises for leaks. Remember that you as the customer are responsible for all water passing through the water meter, so repairing leaks on your side of the meter will save you from paying for water you may not be using.
  2. If a piping or fixture problem is identified, contact the plumber of your choice to have the repairs made. Bring repair receipts to our Customer Service Department and an appropriate adjustment may be made to your account. Repair bills must have name, address, date of repair and identify repairs made to receive a possible leak adjustment.

Some Helpful Hints

If you suspect a leaky toilet, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank (the upright back portion of the toilet) and wait several hours. If the food coloring appears in the water in the toilet bowl, there is a leak.

To check for a leak, write down the reading on your water meter before retiring for the night. Make sure no one in the home or business uses water. Then check the meter reading again first thing in the morning. If the reading has increased, and no water was used during the night, you might have a leak. Remember to account for icemakers, or other appliances that operate during night hours.

An outlet leak is a leak that occurs on the outlet side at the connection of the water meter to the customer's private line. An outlet leak may register on the water meter. Any bill adjustment for outlet or other leaks must be approved by a Customer Service Representative.