Corporate Relations

Columbus Water Works (CWW) recognizes the critical role that both internal and external communications play in the effective operation of our company.  The Corporate Relations department focuses on developing messages that are educational, important and informative to ensure the community receives timely and reliable information about all things relative to CWW.

Communications Goals and Objectives:

  • Educate the community on the importance of environmental stewardship and responsible use of natural resources, especially water.

  • Encourage the community and organizations to take personal responsibility and a more active role in environmental protection and wise use of water resources.

  • Inform, encourage and mobilize the community and organizations to participate in community events and personal activities designed to help preserve resources and protect the local environment, watershed and the quality of our water supply.

  • Increase community awareness and appreciation of CWW and its services, quality and value.

  • Improve and coordinate all CWW communications, both internal and external, and ensure they are aligned with the organization’s mission.

  • Boost employee morale with a more positive public profile -- empowered with strong environmental messages and responsibilities as communications “ambassadors.”

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