Residential and Commercial Development

Sequence of Activities for Development Projects

Developers wanting to connect their projects to CWW's system for water and/or sewer must follow the sequence of activities outlined below. The following is the sequence of steps which will be required for preliminary activities as well as construction and final acceptance activities for successful acceptance of the water and/or sewer system by Columbus Water Works:
  • Engineer submits two full sets of construction drawings for preliminary water and sewer review.
  • CWW reviews drawings, marks any comments on both sets and returns one.
  • Engineer review CWW comments and revise drawings accordingly.
  • Engineer returns five transposed drawings (three full sets, plus two additional utility plan sheets) for review and approval.
  • If correct, CWW reviews, stamps, and sends back an approved set of drawings, with approval letter. Letter includes applicable fees and pre-qualified contractor contact information. This process must be completed before construction begins on water/sewer.
  • At the pre-construction conference, the CWW inspector will give the contractor an approved set of plans and go over the CWW approved plans, discuss the dates of construction, agree on initial washout location and review anticipated procedures.
  • One copy of the CWW stamped approved plans shall be maintained on site by the contractor at all times.
  • Contractor notifies CWW inspector 48 hours before construction begins on water and/or sewer.
  • CWW Inspector inspects and approves all stockpiled materials prior to construction.
  • To coordinate flushing and all required testing of the new water line and to schedule the sewer final inspection call the CWW inspector and give at least 48 hour notice.
  • Owner/developer submits as-built drawings in CWW coordinate system, which is NAD 1983 State Plane Georgia West ( U.S. feet) and North American Vertical datum of 1988 ( NAVD88). Provide 5 water and/or 3 sewer in sheet size 22” X 34” to CWW. Also provide one AutoCAD digital disk copy in one of the following formats: .dwg or .dxf files, ESRI GIS shape files and ESRI GIS Geodatabase. For specific As-built requirements, see the latest edition of "Specifications and Details for the Design and Construction of Sanitary Sewer and Water Systems in Columbus/Muscogee County and Fort Benning"
  • Water services will not be provided until the receipt of the required As-builts.
  • CWW final acceptance letter will be sent out after completion of all required water and/or sewer inspection, receipt of approved water sample reports, as-built drawings and  all required fees.