Field Services

Feild Services Image"Keeping it in the Pipes"
Field Services maintains our underground infrastructure in Columbus and Fort Benning with over 85 dedicated employees. Field Services maintains over 1200 miles of water mains and over 1000 miles of sewer mains.


If you see a leak please report it by calling 706-649-3400

How do we respond to a leak?

  1. We assess and classify the leak as emergency or non-emergency.
  2.         Emergency: The leak negatively impacts the customer, causes traffic
            hazard, or
            environmental concern.
            Non-Emergency: All other leaks
  3. We call for utility locates and submit for city right-of-way permit
  4.         Emergency: Same Day
            Non-Emergency: Mandatory 72 hour waiting period
  5. We excavate and make repair based on priority (leak severity) once locates are good.
  6. We backfill the hole with compaction and make temporary patch with GAB and/or cold asphalt mix to open back up for traffic
  7. We sub-contract permanent patch work. Per city regulations permanent patch must be made with 45 days


Call 811 before you dig!

We will respond within 72 hours to locate our underground infrastructure within the city right-of-way.

Stop Ups

Please call 706-649-3400 to report a stop-up or overflow

How do we respond to a stop-up or overflow?

  1. We usually respond within one hour to asses if the problem is with the sewer main or a structural problem on our side of the lateral connection.
  2. If the stop-up is on private property or is due to debris in the lateral connection only, it may be necessary for you to call a plumber.

Please don't pour grease down your drain! It causes stop-ups and may lead to an overflow or back-up for you and/or your neighbors!

Storm-Water Systems vs. Sanitary Sewage System

If there is a clogged curb inlet or a storm-water problem such as flooding then call the city at 311.

The city is responsible for the Storm-Water System. The city is also responsible from the Combined Sewer System primarily located in the downtown and older mid-town areas of the city. The Combined Sewer System collects storm-water as well as sanitary sewage in this portion of our city and feeds it to one of our Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) facilities.