Over the years, Capital Improvement Programs (CIPs) have been a fundamental element at Columbus Water Works (CWW) for managing infrastructure to maintain and improve water and wastewater service to the residents and businesses of Muscogee County and the surrounding communities. Management of this infrastructure occurs in an ever-changing environment of community needs, regulatory demands, economic development and increasing knowledge of issues affecting public health and safety. Compounding these dynamic influences are the challenges of providing exceptional water and wastewater service through system components that are reaching the end of their design and structural service lives. How will CWW respond in this environment and keep community support, customer service, regulatory compliance, fiscal soundness and motivated employees at high levels of performance? By looking clearly at the future, and addressing the problems it faces and instituting appropriate solutions.

In evaluating future needs and future requirements the Columbus Water Works relies on a facilities master plan. This plan is updated on approximately a five year cycle, but looks at projections over a 25-year window. This planning allows for growth in the system and required modification due to a changing regulatory environment.

To view the current list of Capital Improvements Projects, please click on the link below:

        Engineering Report 2020-2024 Capital Improvement Program